The Dragonfly Series! This work comes in three colour combinations; blue with white, green with white, and black with white. Each piece is dipped in the two coloured glazes and then I paint each dragonfly onto the white areas by hand.Mug in green and whiteCappachino mug in blue and whie
Sushi tray with side trayChip and dipBatter Bowl
Spoon RestSponge HolderWine Brock with Handles
Bird FeederCylindrical soap dispenser in green and whiteCylindrical soap dispenser in blue and white
Rounded soap dispenser in blue and white. Also available in green and whiteWine brickWine brick
Sushi Tray with side tray in black and whiteSushi tray with dip bowl in black and whiteSpoon Zrest in black in black and white
Cheese tray with dip bowl set in black and white

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